Assignment: Coffee!

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  1. rakesh maheta says:

    Actually it was nt my first date wid her but before we already met at ahmedabad.but this tym she fixed to meet by reason of taking book from me and i agree wid her to meet we have resided to meet at somewhere else but dan i found dat dis place is nt good for talking long tym so i ask her to go CCD and she agreed;but i said i didnt know exact place of CCD and she smiled at me and said to me”same is here”.and we both started to find CCD….it was amazing moment of dis meeting .and finally we reached and we talked lot at CCD and we ordered two devil’s own even though i dont lyk coffee.and she know it from start whenever i shipped single ship she smile to me and said “idiot” and it was first tym wen some1 call me idiot and even though i lyk it……… was amazing moment of my lyf i cant forget it. Luv U CCD

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